Dreamscape Traveller

L.T. Garvin

Where is God?

inching into infinity

you seek the Master of the Stars

as I carry my grandmother’s ring

through the centuries

filtering through

the boundaries of humanity

A stolen locket, a childhood song

love’s tragic journeys

immortalized in magenta pain paint

scaling the towering trees

above the back porch

sits a doll with lavender hair

the duster of dreams

the hijacker of hearts

spreads out an intricately woven carpet

to time travel…

This is what I call, “recipe poetry,” where you take a series of random thoughts and put them in a particular order.  I have done a few of those for my ‘stretching the brain’ practice.  I’m not really sure I like it at all, and I think this one works only if you consider it as a dream sequence.  I have never been a big fan of literature that hurts my brain.  I had to read so…

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