The Last Look

Live Your Dreams 24/7

It’s strange how I feel this morning
Dizziness in my head and a stomach so churning
Confused I am… maybe and maybe not
“Are you expecting?” he put me in a tight spot!

Agreeing is the only way out, no point denying
But how do I say I love him no more, I am betraying?
His joy knows no bounds; hurrah he caressed me so much
But there’s pain in his eyes, his shivering hands can I clutch?

I ate from his hands, a token of his love or there’s more to it?
“I am a man of honor and you are the black spot” his words bit
Before I realized, I came crashing down
“That’s how you pay when you deceive the crown”

A few minutes passed and I am ready to get up
I will walk out on him, telling I am not his pup
But is it…

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