Is Technology Causing You To Lose Vital Skills?


There’s no doubt that technology can make our lives easier, but it can also make us lazy too. In fact, many of us could be losing vital skills where we rely so heavily on our gadgets. Technology should improve and supplement our lives, but it shouldn’t do all of our thinking for us. Here are a few skills that you should ensure you’re not losing due to your smartphones and computers.

macbook-apple-imac-computer-39284Image linked from

Spelling, Grammar and Vocabulary

Chances are you do most of your writing on the computer these days, which has so many benefits. It can pick up spelling errors, suggest vocabulary enhancements and correct any grammar errors you have made. There’s nothing wrong with this of course- in fact, it’s fantastic. However, has this lead to you becoming a little lazy? Instead of attempting to spell a word correctly, do you leave it to spellchecker? Instead…

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