By the Mighty Mumford

Poor memory have modern folk,

Assuming they’re the first who spoke…

Primary sources

In college courses

Are considered pigs in pokes–or jokes!

In the First Century

Of Christianity…

A complete Bible–no–

Eye-witnesses, though–

This strong, growing faith came to be!

People who swear by the Bible,

Don’t know that Christianity’s survival…

And rapid growth

Despite Roman wrath,

Faith in Christ, His work, fueled revival.

Putting Bibles up as “infallible”,

Like the Pope, is irreconcilable…

With the death and resurrection

Of Christ–it’s insurrection

By well-meaning but unenlightened connections!

Preach Christ and His love,

Birth, death come to life–sit’s above—

On the Bible we stand…

A work of man—

Word pictures made for us in Love.

Worship of the Bible over time,

Gives critics a classic line…

Not based on the Lord

But on every word

That’s changed since Jesus’ time!

Thus Christ loses droves,


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