By the Mighty Mumford

Faith in the Bible as rock-hard evidence

Dates from modern times…

I choose believing it  by faith

Instead of Man’s reason and times.

Eyewitness accounts  were written and copied

Before A.D. seventy…

When the Romans burned and massacred

Jerusalem–the Temple–no pity!

If written later–why is this absent–

An event unmentioned at all?

Even Luke, the ultimate historian

Not a syllable of this lets fall!

Such an explosion of copies and testaments

From eye-witness’ hands…

Scraps of parchment found all over,

With Christians in many lands!

The Pentateuch, New Testament were not joined

Until Constantine’s time…

Before then, by Roman edict,

Having Jewish scriptures was a crime!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Andy Stanley—of the IT’S YOUR MOVE, TV program on DAYSTAR TV,

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