TO LOVE AGAIN…b y Carl Gooch

By the Mighty Mumford

To Love Again
I struggled and doubted in my youth,
Yet you planted in me your truth.
Some answers I may never know
But to me your love you always show.
As I grew I searched for someone,
To love, adore and just have fun.
She said yes, and blessed was I,
When you took her how I did cry.
Lord only you knew how great my pain,
I thought that I could never love again.
You held me close as my tears did flow,
Comforting me so your love I would know.
Lord, you are faithful and true,
And with me you are not through.
When I thought my life would end,
You sent an angel for me to love again.
As we travel down this path of life
I will always treasure my loving wife.
Lord I thank you for the blessings that…

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