Valley of the Kings

L.T. Garvin

In the valley of the kings

hear plainly

the ghost sighs of slaves


muscles, strenuous and gleaming

in the scalding sun

pounding upon limestone

hoisting the stones skyward

closer to the Gods

Below the surface

cavernous labyrinths

open their arms

to eternal secrets

of kings and queens

and conniving lovers

skeletons of serpents

Clothed in opulence

they now race shadows

in death

colossal pyramids stretch

their spires

waving leisurely

to clouds

searching for paltry respite

to the endless sun

seeking secrets

of ancient seas

knitting the hierarchy

of history

treading through

the dust of time

Sheer power of mortals

engrossed in the awe

of empire building

Centuries of lessons

sketched in hieroglyphics

bespeak the thrill of hidden treasure

legacy and lust

emblazoned and bold

still imprinted upon the sun

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