Art montage. . . just some samplings


On my “About” page,

I mention four books, only

three covers are displayed today.

One missing original from

the olden days,


is long gone. . .

I sent the original in one of

those insured manila envelopes
where the receiver has to sign,

enclosing my children’s abuse

and neglect “book” which I

had used with almost all

the 150 children I met

at a battered women’s

shelter. In my position

of child advocate which I

was only able to stay 18 months.

I left the town with my 3 kids

and started over here in

my small town.

Another post someday. . . On abuse

blogs I have already written these.

I shared horror stories which hit

too close to my children and me.

The pamphlet or mini-manual

was child-friendly and I named

it using one child’s name

who died when she went back

into her dangerous family situation.

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