The Touch – #Inspirational #Poetry



The Touch of Love is seen in the Miraculous as well as the Simple,
In the Drops of Water upon a newborns head,
In the Benediction o’er a Final Resting Place;
The Touch of Love is Bread in our Hands
And Wine on our Lips,
In Prayers offered beside the sickbed
And in Joyful Laughter at the birth of Life;
The Touch is in the Understanding and Patience Spoken to a Troubled Youth,
And in the Sincere Help offered to One in Need,
It is Heard in the Promise of Unconditional Love
And the Warm Embrace or Handclasp extended to a Stranger.
The Touch of Love is known in the grinding bit of a drill
Searching for Fresh Water In a Forgotten Village,
And in a coverlet offered to a refugee, lost and alone.
The Gentle Touch of Love is Shared through words of Encouragement
To One depressed, discouraged or…

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