By the Mighty Mumford

The vain would ridicule,

The Bible and its readers to fool…

Point to English faults

And opening vaults,

From where heresy ruled.

Some claim that change in one word,

Makes the whole thing look absurd…

They refuse to see

Beyond lunacy,

That their reasoning has erred!

Fanatics may say,

Word-for-word is the way…

It aught be

For eternity,

But these folks stray!

A point gotten across

Needs be told with minimal lost…

Human minds

Vary in kinds

Of understanding if wires cross!

Many versions, translations,

Make clear God implications…

Whomever receives

And believes,

Receives the best of salvations!

In every language and tongue

The work Of God has begun…

Blocked minds try

To deny,

Salvation is for everyone.

(Who is willing to come!)

–Jonathan Caswell

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