#MusicandMuseMonday – This Sweetest Love – #Love #Poetry

By a wonderful lady named Morgan.



Speak from the place where Love Resounds

Without a whisper or single sound;

Heartbeat Ringing

as the Universe is Singing,

Bleak in the Midnight’s Subtle river,

Indigo Shadows and moonlight slivers;

Ah the Sweetest sound of your Love!

And Everything it Blithely consists of!

Talk to me without words or phrases

As the Candlelight, Your body praises;

In the maelstrom of Desire’s syncope ,

Me Whispering You,

You Whispering Me;

Delight passing through Velvet Hours

This Sweetest Love Blossoming as Blushing Flowers.






Beautiful Original Music by DeadMau5

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