Only By The Blood (#guestblogger)

Something that needs to be re’Pete’ed.


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No amount of money
No amount of wealth
Can buy a smidgen of my Saviors love
No amount of fame
Or power we possess
Can preserve a home for us above
No work that we can do
No favor or good deed
Can win eternal life in heavens home
No words that we can speak
Or invention we can make
Can cause our God to overlook our sin
It’s only by the blood
He shed upon that treed
Only by the sacrifice
He made for you and me
Only when you ask the Lord
To forgive all your sin
Only when you ask Him
To take His place within
Only when He is your Lord
And Savior of your life
Only then will heaven be
Your home eternally
No other way to heaven
Has ever been supplied
Though many people think there is a way
 No matter what they say

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