Old Frisco Depot, Pine Bluff, Missouri

old-frisco-depot-pine-bluff-missouriThis  is  the  Old  Frisco  Depot  in  Pine  Bluff,  Missouri.


2 thoughts on “Old Frisco Depot, Pine Bluff, Missouri

  1. That looks one amazing place. And it is real too. near where we used to live there was a place that looked like this and it was a restaurant. Everyone thought it had been a station. Anyway I was editing an article about a second train tragedy in the area that had been totally overshadowed by a much bigger, world wide known one, and I could not get the logistics at all about the train coming through the tunnel and careering across the platform when the tunnel, given the direction the train was taking would have been after the station. Turned out that this was cos this building had never been a train station. Anyway, it turned out that this ‘station’ had only ever been an old set of sheds. Someone loved trains so much they had turned it into a fake station and waiting room and added all this memorabilia. Down the years everyone in the area had come to assume this was the station…

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