Fill the World with Love – #Inspiration




Today is a day dedicated to Sharing Love, Giving Love, Hoping Love.  Its a day filled with over-the-top expressions of sentimentality and affection, card, balloons, roses, and of course Sweets to the Sweet.  Ah Valentines Day!


Valentines and Lovers, they tend to go hand in hand, or, as it were, Heart in Heart; yet, Love isn’t reserved simply for Lovers, is it?  Love is universal, So today I wish LOVE for All.

Love that Reaches beyond Creed or Colour

Love that Blossoms and Blesses in spite of gender or choice

Love that Embraces ALL; rich, poor, clean, dirty, hungry, obese, sick, healthy, near or far.

Love that spills over itself in its eagerness to spill.  Rushing from the Giver to the Receiver with Joy that satisfies each.

Love that extends beyond the day!




So today, my sweet friends, Before you dive into your own box of…

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