You and You Alone – #RomanticTuesday #Love #Poetry

By an amazing lady named Morgan.


You and You Alone

It is a Space of Time which Holds no Fainting,
That Lives and Breathes in Me, Just Waiting,
Yearning that Delves into the Heart of me,
Like a Blade, Debating Indecisively,
The Right or Wrong of Holding On,
Of Needing You, Of this Zeal so Strong,
Kissing the Sky with Tears of Longing,
While all the while, I dream of Belonging,
To You and You Alone!

O Brightest Light that E’er was Shone
Two Souls Aflame within just One,
To this poor Heart, most Timid, most Frail,
Listen not as my Memory Wails,
Yet Stand beside me in the final Hour,
A Blushing, Blossoming Delicate flower
Whose Colours Sing of Youth and Favour,
Of all the Dreams I Long to Savour
With You and You Alone!

These tears that steer me to new misery,
Breaking from Despair To Grasp and Seek Your Mystery,
While this Loving Fire Burns Deep Within

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