Why Can’t You Make Friends At Work?

By a great lady named Kally.


Make no mistake, the kind of relationships we build in a workplace can really make or break a job. If you can’t find anyone on your side, anyone to share with, to stress with, and laugh with, it can make the best of jobs a miserable position. Some people have more difficulty than others finding those all-crucial friends. So, let’s look at why you might be having some trouble.


You’re inadvertently a bit of a jerk

It’s a hard-hitting point, but that’s why it’s important we look at it. We know that no-one likes to think themselves a villain. Even people who do malicious things tend to try hard to justify it in their own mind. You might not be malicious, but you might be doing things that people would consider ‘jerk-moves’. Sometimes, it’s an effort to appear all-knowledgeable in your field to appear valuable but only ends up…

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