Breathing Mania – #Meditative #Poetry

By a lady named Morgan who is probably walking barefoot on this beach.


Breathing Mania


Did you ever say you were going to sit quietly and try, quite earnestly, to center your thoughts, focus your concentration, calm your ramblings, musings, and wandering notions? ( Believe it or not, I do this quite often) (No, really, though I understand your disbelief at such a preposterous suggestion) Whenever I try however, it always seems I end up thinking about 101 different things rather than enjoying a soothing, gentle, unhurried moment (or twenty). I end up spending half my time telling myself to be quiet and the other half of the time wondering about what is going to happen in an hour, during the afternoon, what I’m going to make for supper, if I bought enough cat food for the week, try to determine when I’m going to fit in time to finish the next installment of Dark Fey, attempt to remember if I turned off the…

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