Samuel Adams for Super Bowl Sunday 2017

Hello Everyone.  I am the great Samuel Adams, a Patriot devoted to liberty and justice for all.  Oh, I do enjoy a great glass of beer.  Ladies and gentlemen, we are fighting for a great cause.  No.  It is not against the British.  We are fighting an even great enemy.  We are at war against an army of falcons who seek to tear us up into tiny little pieces.  If they win, we will be no more.  We cannot let that happen.  Today, oh very excellent Americas, I am asking you to join and support your local Patriots as we fight for freedom and justice for all.  Will you join us in this fight?  It is the fight of your life.  We must win at all costs.  I am Samuel Adams, a devoted Patriot.  Have a HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!

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