Why Dear GOD…..

By a lovely and amazing lady named Cattie who wrote this while being in a very tough time.


My Dear Friends on WordPress. I thought that after the “Vindictive Boss” leaves our Company, things would get better. But sadly, it has worsened !! He has left behind his Devilish Deputy (who still has 10 months to retire) and has made him conduct an “Enquiry of Charges”, against me and my 2 other friends. This will be a Company Law Enquiry and its a hell of a lot of work, to gather evidence to prove that I am innocent. Some 4 False charges, have been given on me, just to harrass me and my friends and keep the spirit of “Fear” alive in the Company amongst Staff. The new Boss says he Helpless and we have to go through the Enquiry, since it is Procedure.

So here I am struggling to complete my Response to the Enquiry and go through that Hellish Enquiry and Come Out Clean and Saved…

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