Best of Gallery of People

This  is  a  gallery  of  pictures  that  I  have  taken  of  people  through  the  years.DSCN8815Colonial  Lady  in  Yorktown,  Virginia.156  The  Two  Great  Feets  of  April  BoycikThe  two  great  feets  of  April.  Montreal  Falls,  Ontario.DSCN0730Colonial  Lady  at  Mount  Vernon,  home  of  George  Washington.DSCN5214Three  Ladies,  Lakeland,  Florida.IMG_0883Chrystalynn,  Washington  D.C.IMG_2165Men  of  Great  Valor  on  Pearl  Harbor  Remembrance  Day,  Washington  D.C.00000017  A  Spanish  Colonial  St  Augustine  FloridaSpanish  Soldier,  Saint  Augustine,  Florida.00000049  May  QuLady  named  May,  Fort  Washington,  Maryland.00000074  Colonial  Ladies  Williamsburg  VirginiaColonial  Ladies  in  Williamsburg,  Virginia.00000121  Carly  and  Her  Colorful  SockA  colorful  sock,  Alexandria,  Virginia.00000122  Zan  HaileyZan  Hailey,  Poetess,  Manassas,  Virginia.00000183  Madison  next  to  a  Model  T  Ford  Kansas  City  MissouriMadison,  Kansas  City,  Missouri.00000196  Walmart  Workers  Bentonville  ArkansasTwo  Walmart  Employees,  Bentonville,  Arkansas.Harp  Lady  Alexandria  VirginiaLady  with  the  Harp,  Alexandria,  Virginia.Mermaid  LadyLady  of  Mermaids,  Grantsville,  Maryland.00000087  Richard  Fritz  Klein  as  Abraham  LincolnPresident  Abraham  Lincoln  at  the  Baltimore  and  Ohio  Railroad  Museum  in  Baltimore,  Maryland.00000092  Kent  CourtneyKent  Courtney,  New  Freedom,  Pennsylvania.00000094  TheresaTeresa,  Hanover  Junction,  Pennsylvania.00000192  Debbie  Worimer's  Shoe  PhoneDebbie  and  her  Shoe  Phone,  Annandale,  Virginia.LisaLisa  of  Sotterly  Plantation,  California,  Maryland.6  Heather  Starting  Her  DayThis  is  Heather  on  a  Pullman  Sleeper  Car,  Parrish,  Florida.Colleen  LaMay  Reading  On  the  Wings  of  EaglesColleen  in  Manassas,  Virginia.Hawk  Lady  Medieval  Times  Hanover  MarylandLady  and  the  Hawk,  Hanover,  Maryland.

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