Don’t Give Up


Lately, I have had thoughts of just throwing in the towel and walking away. Why? Well, for starters; does anyone know how difficult it is to express kindness and love to someone who treats you the exact opposite of how you are treating them? You try and try and get absolutely no where.

That’s me. Day in and day out. Some days are better than others, and for the most part, I stay positive.

My first instinct is to get angry. Anger is really just a “cover up” emotion to how you are really feeling, so let’s dig deeper. I’m frustrated, impatient, hurt and defeated.

We have a choice. Some just choose to be bitter and resentful and hold on to the hurt of how someone wronged them. Isn’t that an exhausting way to live? Why not choose happiness, contentment, joy? I guess that is harder for some to do…

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