A very great story by a very great lady named Vonita.

Poems and Petals

I have just completed ‘All The Light We Cannot See’ by Anthony Doerr, a book set in World War 2, and draws the reader in from a German perspective on the one side, as well as French on the other.

My grandfather was seventeen when he joined the war. He was enlisted with his older brother. At some point they were captured in Italy, and he became a prisoner of war. We grew up knowing not to ask him about the war. It was a topic not to be spoken of. The only words he told me was that he would never refuse anyone a slice of bread if they were hungry, because he knows what real hunger feels like. After I was much older and after my grandmother passed away, he dusted off an old typewriter, and typed up some parts of his experience. He kept it very factual…

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