Where the Ash Fell

By a very lovely lady named Tosha Michelle.

Everything I Never Told You

If I never see you again.
I hope it all goes well.
You find the one I wasn’t
That the roses you stake always
climb the trellis.
And you find a job that’s
more than stellar.
Remember you deserve all
the happiness in the world
The gifts you received
and those you never got.

I’ll never blame you or the
fire for the ash you
left behind. I’ll just
remember the light
And the last time I saw you
when you so frivolously
said just wait there
my dear although the woods
were pathless and there
was only anguish to collect.
You still carved a diamond in my head
even as the storm washed away
the sun. The flame somehow revived
Always surviving best in places
it wasn’t meant to burn.

-Tosha Michelle

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