A Story of Thanksgiving by Albert Als

Hello Everybody.  I am Albert Als.  Who am I?  I am somebody who came up with this story about Thanksgiving.  What is this story about Thanksgiving?  Allow me to tell you this story, but first, we must go way, way, way back to a time in history.

It first began with a wealthy man named Arostogas.  He lived in very ancient Rome.  At the time, he saw many without money.  So he established many banks across Rome.  That day was known as Banksgiving.

Later, King Atropicees and Queen Sophiltrees of the Nobitnose Kingdom were without a child, and they were up there in age.  They needed an heir to continue the kingdom.  Someone then surrendered a child to be a child of the royal family, and they took him in.  While in the royal palace, the child became very cranky complaining about everything.  The day of the child’s arrival was forever named Cranksgiving.

Solibuk was a hot dog vender in ancient Joppa.  Every day he sold hot dogs to everyone on the street, but one day, he came upon a school, and they had nothing to eat, but they did not have any money.  Solibuk gave his hot dogs to the children, and they ate them up.  That day was known as Franksgiving.

Vernonnica of Shopnees was a princess without a prince, but no man wanted to marry her.  Even though the man would be offered an opportunity to rule the kingdom, they all avoided her… until… a man named Hank arrived.  They got married, and they lived happily ever after.  The day was marked as Hanksgiving.

Jessica of Tressis was kidnapped by the Pirates of Waterho.  A ransom was sent for her, but it was never paid.  Therefore, the pirates made her walk the plank.  She frightfully walked to the end and stood there in fear.  The captain walked over to her and shoved her off, and she fell into the ocean.  On that day, the Pirates of Waterho celebrated Planksgiving.

It was a day in Volgohol Harbor.  Thousands of ships were anchored awaiting the time to come to the port to offload their goods.  Then, all of a sudden, all at once, all of the ships sank.  Everyone was flabbergasted at what they saw.  That day was forever known as Sanksgiving.

It was a long journey for some journeymen arriving to the New World.  As they stepped off the ship, they knelt to the ground and prayed to the Almighty God to thank Him for a safe passage across the sea.  That day was forever known as Thanksgiving, and this day has been special ever since.

Now you know my story of Thanksgiving.  I am Albert Als.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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