Veteran’s Day, 2016

By a great lady named Robin. Oh, Happy Veteran’s Day.


My grandsons spent

nearly 40 minutes,

looking and studying

the different elements

of military service.

There was an army camp,

weapons on display,

an army hummer and a jeep.

The display for dinner of

a military family member

created a short discussion of

whether or not this is done

For loved ones who have been

unable to return to their

holiday family meal~

Whether from illness or

hospitalization, Depending

on living but unable to come home

or on Dying, while the missing place

is set as a symbol of respect and love.

Here is the “recipe” for the details:

“Our White Table”

White tablecloth = purity of motive.

Black napkin = prisoner of war.

Navy blue napkin was not explained~

possibly for Navy or Marine soldier

or replace with folded American flag.

Candle lit on table = Being a

“light in the darkness.”

Red rose = represents hopes

+ prayers…

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2 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day, 2016

  1. Thank you for re-blogging my post, John. I appreciate your supporting those who sacrificed, either in service or their lives, as well as remembering those who were at home, patiently waiting their return.

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