Always Remember to Reward Yourself

By the great Kally.


Whether you are an employee or a freelancer, even if you are a boss, it is important to reward yourself as you attain certain milestones in your career. Make it more than a pat on the back, go out and treat yourself to something nice or get something you always wanted. That is why most companies have end-year bonuses for employees to splurge a little on themselves after a year of hard work and effort.

Whether it is a big purchase or a tiny perk, you deserve it. Here are some guiltless pleasures that my colleagues and friends indulge themselves with.


Janet, 23 Accounts Assistant
At the end of each quarter, we will spend two weeks going through the books, pouring endless overtime like there’s no tomorrow. I always console myself with the fact that the moment we closed the accounts, I’m going to book myself with a 2 hours…

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