By the very lovely Tosha Michelle.

Everything I Never Told You

She’d liked to think they were like thw sun
and earth, their paths inevitable.
She’d like to think they were crazy for
each other
But maybe she was crazy for him
and he simply sane for her.
Her yearning overtly personal
His covertly distant
She saw the light around his face
Besotted with his essence
The planets orbiting as morning
and evening came
And she knows now what he felt
for her was temporal, affection
and trust but without the romantic
notions she longed for.
A tragedy for her
A comedy for him.
Two bodies flying through the sky
One pushing closer.
The other pulling away.
Always drifting and wafting
at a heartbreaking distance
A whim of the atmosphere
and unwoken eyes.

-Tosha Michelle

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