The difference between a job and a career

By the great Kally.


It is actually pretty obvious when you talk to someone and asked them what their job is; if their eyes lit up and their hands get animated, they have more than a job, they have passion and they have a career. One may argue that not all jobs lead to a career, I shall correct them with a Chinese saying “行行出状元”. Simply means that for every job, there is always a master.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 5.34.20 pm

You can be a waiter, however, if you have passion in service and the food & beverage industry, you might climb to be a restaurant branch manager, a Michelin star restaurant head or even open one of your very own restaurant one day.


You can be a mechanic but with your passion and determination, you might own your own chain of garage one day.


You can be a retail associate but with your passion and meticulous eye for…

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