Limericks of Gorgeous Ladies

She is Amanda, a lovely gal

So lovely, makes a great pal

The glow of her hair

Really makes you want to stare

And you see her running with Al


It is such a dandy

To see the beautiful Brandi

Oh she is so fine

Like a nice flavored wine

With toes in the beach so sandy


We must talk of Colleen

A great girl we have seen

With the twinkle in her eye

It will truly make you sigh

Her look is oh so keen


Oh yes we have Donna

Oh she is much hotter than a sauna

Much to your surprise

She has sparkle in her eyes

Her beauty much bigger than Ghana


We must mention Elaine

Her beauty soothes your pain

As she swings her hips

See the beauty of her lips

She is colorful as a candy cane


There is the lovely Fran

Who looks lovely with a man

You can feel the grace

Of her beautiful face

She will be part of your plan


Here comes the lovely Gail

With whom you will set sail

Feel the rushing wind

That cannot be skinned

Time with her will not be stale


A red head named Holly

Who is always so jolly

With that twinkle in her nose

And sand between her beautiful toes

She is truly one lovely Dolly


The lovely so lovely Isabel

Oh this lady truly is swell

All throughout the night

The lady is out of sight

Oh how this lady can sell


The one and only Jennifer

You really want to be with her

With her you want to ride

You want her by your side

A great aroma like myrrh


Oh Katherine, Oh Katherine

She has such great beauty within

You don’t know what to say

As she is coming your way

She just makes you stand there and grin


Lindsey, Lindsey, I do recall

As being the beauty of them all

From her toes to her head

A story of beauty has been said

By that mirror on the wall


There is something about Mary

A woman you would want to carry

I can rest you assure

She is very truly not a bore

She is a light at the monastery


How can we forget Nancy

Out there looking so fancy

She looks so very neat

She has very beautiful feet

Get ready, she is getting dancy


Oh Olivia, what beautiful eyes

So much beauty in her lies

The smile on her face

Her beauty and grace

And all of the ugliness dies


You cannot go wrong to bet

On the very lovely Paulette

You will never feel down

As you rolls around town

Without her, you will fret


Oh Quintana oh so cool

The thought of her makes you drool

What beautiful hands

Toes in the sands

Sits gracefully by the pool


A lovely babe Rene

I don’t know what to say

I am so mute

Because she is cute

But she is ready to play


Sabrina, Sabrina, you really know how

To soothe the feeling of my brow

As her face is aglow

For a wonderful show

She is shining bright right now


On Tina, this is your day

Your face so golden like golden hay

The soothing of your hands

And where your feet stands

To see you, a price we pay


Oh Ursula, oh Ursula

I really want to see ya

You bring no despair

With beauty everywhere

And we say, “Oh-la-la”


Victoria stands for victory

Victorious woman we do see

Wind through her hair blows

And the wind through her toes

She flourishes like a tree


Oh Wanda, you are magic

Without you, it is tragic

Oh do we see

You are no fantasy

In hockey, you are a hat trick


Oh Xenia, great princess

You are gorgeous, I must confess

You bring no strife

As a beauty wife

A man will have no less


Come what may, Yvonne

All ugliest is gone

A gorgeous lady

Never so fady

As she lays out on the lawn


Zara, Zara, last but not least

Her beauty will destroy any beast

She truly has class

With her toes in the grass

She will treat you with a feast

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