Blind Chance


There are 2 quotes we would like to share with you. They both come from the book, Show Me God by Fred Heeren.

#1.A. Skeptic’s Questions:

The more we discover about the universe’s laws, the more we learn that there are simple natural explanations for the way things work in nature. So why do you insist that science points to a Grand Designer? (pg. 199)

This is the secular world’s fallback position- natural explanations. But there is a problem with those natural explanations. There is no way to verify if they are correct or not.Heeren points out something about these ‘natural laws which all believers should think about if they have not already. What he points out is found in quote #2.

#2. Many who take the ‘blind chance’ position argue that any seemingly purposed or order we observe in the universe can always be explained in terms of natural…

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